The Annual Water Quality Report is designed to provide consumers with information on the quality of the water delivered by their public water system. Consumers have the right to know what is in their drinking water. This report is to provide our customers with water quality information and a summary of testing done in the year 2020.

As in past years, your tap water met all US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) drinking water standards. The water is tested on a regular basis to ensure that it is in compliance with all of the required standards as set forth by the EPA and DEP.

The New Freedom Borough water supply originates from the ground water aquifer via four wells situated throughout the local area. We also purchase treated surface water, originating from the Codorus Creek, from York Water Company to supplement the supply (approx. 10% of average daily usage).

A Source Water Assessment completed by the DEP found our sources to have moderate risk of significant contamination. New Freedom Borough’s Water Department routinely monitors and tests for a wide range of contaminants, in accordance with federal and state laws.

View the Sample Results table below, or click here to view the full report.

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