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Due to a United States Environmental Protection Agency Lead and Copper Rule Revision in August of 2021, New Freedom Borough Water Department is asking for our customers’ (you, the residents) help collecting information on your water service line.

The new rule requires each individual water system to submit an inventory of the water system’s portion and the customer’s portion of each water service. These must be submitted by October 2024 to Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The Borough is responsible for the portion of water service connection from the water main to the curb stop located most likely in the front yard near the street, while the homeowner’s portion is from the curb stop into the house.

We need your help collecting information to update our records to be included in this mandated inventory. Additionally, we are asking for current phone numbers to update Borough records. Phone numbers will not be included in the submitted inventory.

Information requested is minimal and consists of, name, address, year home built, presence of a whole house water softening system, and type of water pipe material entering home. This determination should be made where the service line enters the house, most likely through a basement wall and before the water meter. Not sure on pipe material type? Use the chart below to assist in determining. Still need help? Contact the Borough Office to schedule an appointment with the Water Department.

Types of Water Pipes (Service Lines)
Lead – (very rare) A dull, silver-gray color that is easily scratched with a coin. Use a magnet – strong magnets will not cling to lead pipes.
Galvanized – (rare) A dull, silver-gray color. Use a magnet – strong magnets will cling to galvanized pipes.
Brass – (rare) Dark reddish brown to a light silvery color. Older pipes may be corroded and may contain lead.
Copper – (common) The color of a penny.
Plastic – (most common) Black or blue rigid pipe.

To aid in ease of submission by residents and expediate collection of data, an online form was created and can be completed by following:

We appreciate your cooperation and support in collecting this valuable information for our community.

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