Borough Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance amending Chapter 191 Article V to provide additional definitions and enforcement relating to structures with the right-of-way during the December 13, 2021 Borough Council Meeting

Temporary Structures – Any constructed or erected structure including, but not limited to, basketball nets, hockey goals, lacrosse goals, canopies, chairs, tables, and the similar, or any kind of structure that is portable in nature.

If it is determined by the Borough that a violation of this has occurred, the Borough shall notify the property owner of record and/or person residing in the property or partnership, corporation, or association leasing the premises of such violation and give them ten days to correct or abate said violation. Notice shall be by ordinary mail and certified mail, return receipt requested. If the violation is not abated within the time set forth, the Borough shall have the right to remove the temporary structure. Any temporary structure removed by the Borough shall be claimed within ten days, otherwise the temporary structure will be disposed of. If the owner or person responsible for the temporary structure wishes it returned, a fee set by resolution of the Borough Council shall be charged for each temporary structure returned.

Until codified, the complete amendment may be viewed by clicking HERE.

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