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Due to New Freedom Borough purchasing a small amount of water from York Water on a daily basis, we must implement a mandatory nonessential water usage restriction.

Under the mandatory restriction, the following uses are prohibited:
(1) The use of any water for watering of grass, athletic fields, and irrigation of outdoor gardens, landscaped areas, trees, shrubs, and other outdoor plants.
(2) The use of any water for watering any portion of golf courses.
(3) The use of any water for washing paved surfaces, for ornamental purposes, including fountains, artificial waterfalls and reflecting pools.
(7) The use of any water for washing or cleaning of mobile equipment, like vehicles.
(8) The serving of water in restaurants, clubs or eating places, unless specifically requested by an individual.
(9) The use of any water to fill and top off swimming pools.
(10) The use of water from a fire hydrant—including sprinkler caps—for any purpose, except for firefighting or testing apparatus with prior notice to York Water.
(11) The use of any water that is not necessary to serve essential health, safety, or economic needs,
including the maintenance of human, animal, and plant life.

Mandatory Water Use Restriction Press Release

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