PW Tech Volute Dewatering Press

The sludge is dewatered by a pair of PWTECH Volute Dewatering Presses. Sludge is fed into a mixing tank where polymer is thoroughly mixed in. The sludge then passes through a flocculation tank where gentle mixing and flocculation occurs. From there, the sludge overflows into the dewatering drum and is pressed. The Volute Press design features the unique “dewatering drum.” Spacers and fixed rings are held in place on tie rods. Moving rings, slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the screw and slightly narrower than the spacers, are located between the fixed rings and are moved by the screw. The constant movement of the moving rings cleans the fine gaps between the moving and fixed rings, preventing clogging. The moving rings also cut into the sludge cake, allowing additional surface area for the release of moisture. The entire operation is controlled by the Volute Dewatering Press control panel or remotely from the Control Building.

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