1. Limbs no more than 6 feet in length and no shorter than 3 feet; with a maximum diameter of 6 inches.
  2. Limbs must be placed curbside, cut ends toward the street in an orderly fashion. There must be easy access to the limbs at the curb. Borough employees will not go onto private property nor driveways.
  3. Limbs tied in bundles will not be taken.
  4. Only limbs will be removed. All other material will not be removed.
  5. Do not park in front of piles on the scheduled day of collections.
  6. Borough staff will spend no more than 15 minutes at any residence.
  7. Penn Waste will accept bagged small twigs and garden waste , that does not exceed the weight or bag limits.

Collection Dates

Fourth Tuesday in April

Second and Fourth Tuesday of May

Second Tuesday in June 

Second and Fourth Tuesday of September and October

Application for Limb Collection

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