Turkey Smoke Ancillary Registration


1ST – $850 & TROPHY
2ND – $400 & TROPHY
3RD – $300 & TROPHY
4TH – $250 & TROPHY
5TH – $200 & TROPHY

Please verify your willingness to compete in the Turkey Smoke Ancillary at Smoke on the Rail. Turn-in will be Saturday, July 29 at 2:30PM. Please note the updated rules below for 2023.

Turkey Smoke – KCBS Ancillary Category Rules

Turkey Smoke is a KCBS ancillary competition category presented in partnership with the National Turkey Federation. From tried-and-true traditional smoked and sliced turkey to preparations with a unique twist, the Turkey Smoke category aims to highlight the applications and versatility of turkey in barbeque. Please note that the rules for Turkey Smoke have changed since the 2022 season, and these new 2023 rules should be read carefully before competing.

All contestants are encouraged to photograph their entries and share them with a description of their dish on social media using #TurkeySmoke. Winners are also asked to submit their photo(s) to TurkeySmoke@kcbs.us. By participating in the Turkey Smoke ancillary, cooks are hereby granting rights to the National Turkey Federation and KCBS to utilize images of their dish on social media and other marketing materials.

Turkey Smoke Rules

This year teams are to source and provide their protein. Teams are encourage to select whole-muscle-cut products

  • Turkey must be the primary protein and primary component of the entry. Other proteins may be used in a supporting role (e.g., bacon-wrapped or sausage-stuffed). Sliced, pulled, or chopped turkey is acceptable in an entry; ground turkey is NOT an acceptable entry. Turkey may be presented with or without skin.
  • Toothpicks, skewers of any kind, foil, and other foreign materials are prohibited in the container.
  • All KCBS Master Series Rules and Regulations shall apply with the following exceptions:
    • A food thermometer shall be used to ensure a safe minimum internal temperature of 165 °F has been reached to destroy bacteria and prevent foodborne illness.
    • Turkey must be the primary protein and component of the entry. Accompanying or complementary edible ingredients ARE allowed (e.g., mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, relish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, etc.).
      • If used, these complementary ingredients shall be part of the individual serving portions and cannot be used as a container garnish.
      • KCBS garnish rule 13 applies. Garnish is optional. If used, once determined to be legal, garnish plays no further role in the appearance score. Garnish is limited to chopped, sliced, shredded, or whole leaves of fresh green lettuce, curly parsley, flat-leaf parsley, curly green kale, and/or cilantro.
  • Please refer to KCBS rule 6 for heating sources. Fires shall be of wood, wood pellets, or charcoal. Gas and electric heat sources shall not be permitted for cooking or holding the entry.

Note: All 2023 approved KCBS Turkey Smoke contests count toward the 2023 KCBS Turkey Smoke Team of the Year points chase. Contestants must be KCBS members in good standing to receive points for the Turkey Smoke Team of the Year chase.

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